The College is a co-educational 7 - 12 college in the northern suburbs. The College celebrates and welcomes the many different nationalities present in the surrounding community.

Key Dates

  • Year 10, 11 and 12 Exams: June 2 to June 9  
  • Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday: Monday 12 June 
  • General Achievement Test (GAT) for Unit 3/4 VCE Students: Wednesday 14 June
  • Report writing day - This is a student free day: June 20
  • End of term 2: Friday 30 June (Semester Reports posted home) 
  • School council meetings in Term 2. Tuesdays: May 30, June 27
Well done to our Year 10 Debating Team who recently won their interschool debate, “Maths and Science should be compulsory at VCE” against Ilim College. Congratulations to Shruti Parasher, Donya Bahmani & Zahra Bahmani.


Glenroy College will use XUNO to communicate information to staff, students and families. It is fantastic to have so many parents successfully getting onto XUNO. It is important that you continue to regularly check XUNO for events, information and updates on your child’s progress including attendance.You need to give the school your correct email. To sign into XUNO please go to the following link.You can contact the school for log in details if you need help.

Another congratulations to our Boys’ Junior Australian Rules Football team who recently won all of their games at Interschool Sport. They will now go on to the Region Finals, where we are sure they will represent Glenroy College with pride. Well done boys.

News from our Acting Principal, Catherine McMahon

 March 2017

To Parents/Guardians

It has been a pleasure to be Acting Principal in Term 1. I wish to thank all staff for the very important work they have done over the term, ensuring students are settled and working hard on their learning. I have enjoyed meeting and speaking with many students   over the term. Students love Glenroy College and have suggestions about how to improve the school. The Student Leaders in 2017 are an active group and bring student voice to decisions about what is important to the College.
I have met many parents and guardians through the term, talking with them about the school and how they can support their children over the year. The parent teacher interview night was a great success with a large number of parents and guardians speaking with subject teachers about student academic progress. Students now have a good idea of their learning goals for term 2. I encourage parents to contact the school if they would like to speak to teachers about their child’s progress.

Please make sure you have your correct email address and contact details at the school. This helps us to communicate with you about your child and important events at the school including progress reports, available on XUNO.

The school council elections were conducted in March. Thank you to all those parents, staff and community members who took part in the election. I can now announce the successful members for 2017.

Bridget Kille is School Council President of Glenroy College and a parent member. Congratulations to Bridget. Other parents on the council are Deborah Clarke, Alex Porczack and Zayda Akari.
DET members are Johanna Gwynn and Johanna Simmons
Community members are Jo DeMarco, Vince Corbett and Janet Stephens.
The council helps to set the policies of the school. I look forward to working with the council in Term 2.

We look forward to seeing all students ready to learn.
Ready to Learn means

  • Arriving in class on time with the required learning tools. You need a laptop as well as books and pens.

  • A positive attitude, mindset and focus.

  • Having completed home learning tasks.

  • Prepared to value collective responsibility,

  • Good listening to others.

  • Cooperating and following instructions.

  • Attend school every day, unless ill and acknowledged by parents.

    I hope you have a happy and safe holiday.

  • Catherine McMahon Acting Principal 

Technology for Learning

Our core business is improving student learning outcomes. Our teachers plan and work together to develop curriculum using technology. As we move to more online and innovative educational programs it is very important that your child has the right tool for learning. We ask that you ensure your child has a Lenovo laptop to bring to school. We are very pleased that JB Hi Fi will offer a payment plan to Glenroy College families so they can make a great start to their learning in 2017.

JB HiFi is our current provider for BYOD providing Lenovo 11e and 11e Yoga as recommended preferred devices. Purchasing through JB HiFi means that laptops are provided with a Warranty and Accidental Damage Protection (ADP). This means that for a small fee, laptops can be repaired under warranty. JB HiFi can also offer finance options to allow parents to make periodic payments if needed. 

To find further information on the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) plan and avilaible options at JB HiFi click on the link below. The School Code is GSC2017

Enrolment &
School Tours

Click link below to see how to enrol.

Glenroy College is an eSmart school.

Glenroy College is an eSmart school.