The Advance program is administered by the Victorian Government Department of Planning and Community Development.

It provides up to around $10000 per annum which we use to support the VCAL pathway in the school. The money has been used for many purposes over the years including subsidising the camps and excursions focussed on developing students’ personal development skills, getting students into volunteering, setting up community partnerships, helping train students in areas of need, providing training in car safety, service of food and first aid courses. The main benefits of the program are the opportunities it provides for students to work in teams in different environments outside the school and the chance for students to enhance their employability through training, volunteering and community partnerships.

In addition to the funds provided the Advance program provides curriculum guidelines which lead to the outcomes needed to complete the Personal Development Skills stream in VCAL. Specifically it provides a structure around which students can participate in Volunteering activities and to develop the skills needed for decision-making and organisational communication. These skills are used to manage projects including fund raising activities, the camp and other excursions.

The Advance program has become an integral part of VCAL and has contributed to the development of the students in many areas as well as improving their educational experiences and outcomes. The VCAL Advance students at Glenroy College over the past five years have been involved in some of the following projects:

  • Conservation Projects with Conservation Volunteers Australia
  • Red Cross Blood Donor Program
  • Fundraising for The Salvation Army
  • Volunteering at Moreland Council Community Events
  • Making a ‘Police Tube’ video about graffiti in conjunction with the Fawkner Police
  • Working with the Mullberry Community Gardens, Glenroy
  • Completing their Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Award
  • Volunteering at local Primary Schools and Specialist Schools
  • Volunteering at the Hume Learning Homework Club
  • Organising A Sports Day
  • Painting the classrooms
  • Working with Second Chance Animal Rescue