In Victoria, Government Schools have had Chaplains for well over 50 years, providing pastoral care to the schools and their communities. In Glenroy, School's Chaplaincy began at Box Forest College in the late 1990's, established by inaugural Chaplain, Geoff Scott.

Chaplaincy is a Christian ministry that takes place within secular contexts (schools, hospitals, prisons, sporting clubs, etc.) School's Chaplains work for the wellbeing of their schools and communities, including students, staff and families, often as part of a broader School Welbeing Team. Liaising with local health and community agencies, Chaplains provide pastoral care and spiritual support to any who seek it, with great sensitivity and respect for all faiths, cultures, life choices and worldviews. Chaplaincy is a role that recognises and honours the spiritual needs and health of a community in a way that few other roles do, encourgaing an awareness of symbolism and ritual, deep reflection and reconciliation.

All Glenroy College Chaplains are appointed by ACCESS Ministries under the National School Chaplaincy Programme (NSCP). For more information about Chaplains in Victorian schools, click here for more information.


Roles of the Chaplains at Glenroy College include:

  • providing pastoral care one-on-one to students, as well as facilitiating small groups;
  • assisting with the delivery of special needs programs both within and beyond the classroom;
  • supporting teachers in managing students, especially with behavioural or mental health concerns;
  • encouraging and developing student leadership with the college;
  • referring students to alternative educational settings;
  • liaising with local support agencies, including Community Health Services, Council Youth Services, Youth Mental Health
  • Support Services, Youth Agencies such as Anglicare, CASA, etc.
  • providing spiritual direction and encouragement, including prayer, reflection and (where relevant) memorial services.