Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) - Year 9  


Glenroy College now offers an exciting new program called CLIL (Content Language Integrated Learning). CLIL is a type of bilingual education in which students learn the skills and content through the medium of another language. At Glenroy in selected classes, students study Humanities and Indonesian at the same time for four periods per week.


CLIL is an educational approach that is popular in Canada and Europe. It has been identified by the Victorian Department of Education as a key strategy for improving the teaching and learning of foreign language and has been adopted by several private and public schools in Victoria.

According to research students who study CLIL show:

  • Increased motivation as they are able to learn Indonesian by exploring interesting topics 

  • Deeper intercultural awareness, which teaches students to appreciate diversity and become responsible global citizens

  • Increased ability and confidence in Indonesian

  • Progression in Humanities content knowledge and skills at the same pace, or faster, as students who are not taking CLIL

Where can I get more information about CLIL?