Glenroy College offers an engaging instrumental music program.

Students have the opportunity to learn an instrument with dedicated and experienced teachers. Mr Pilois co-ordinates the program as well as teaching drums, guitar and percussion; Mr Gretton teaches brass instruments; Ms Watkins gives singing, piano and woodwind instruction. Students also study music as part of the curriculum in Year 7,8 & 9.

This year the College band performed in the ANZAC Day parade, the School Arts Night and our Year 8 and 9 school rock band perform at our regular Lunchtime Sessions.  The band regularly performs at school assemblies as well as visiting local primary schools. Students also have the opportunity to be part of the Annual States Schools Spectacular. 

In addition to the enjoyment that students experience from studying an instrument, they learn skills such as teamwork and commitment while stimulating the language side of the brain which supports their literacy skills. We welcome students into the program at any time.