Glenroy College conducts Parent/Teacher Interviews:

Forum Term Week Date
Parent Teacher Interviews Yr 7-12 1 9 TBC
Year 11 Interviews with Student Level Leader and mentors (all week) 3 4 Level leader to arrange times
Year 12 Interviews with Student Level Leader and mentors (all week) 3 6 Level leader to arrange times
Year 7-12 Parent Teacher Interviews 3 6 TBC

Parent teacher interviews

  • All parents will now make an appointment for interviews online at:
    Each appointment is 5-10 minutes duration.
    Parents will be notified that interviews are to occur through the newsletter and a letter.

  • The student’s interim report in Term 1 and 3 will be collected prior to the interview.
    The night is advertised in the school newsletter and a letter is sent home.

Staff may cover the following content on the night for Parent Teacher interviews:

Teacher Area Content Data
Mathematics Progress with numeracy On Demand graphs
English Progress with literacy On Demand graphs
Personal Learning Student Managers Participation and engagement Suspension, detention and attendance data -
Student Mapping Tool and Ice Age Progress reports
Practical Progress with skills Teacher records, work samples
All Progress with work requirements
Performance in tests
Progress with set goals
Suggestions for improvement
Teacher records, work samples