At Glenroy College, students are always encouraged to get actively involved and speak up about how the school can be improved and can represent itself to the community.

  • Students are given a voice at School Council meetings
  • Year 11 students are appointed each year to form the school's Student Leadership Team
  • Students from Years 7-10 are involved in Student Voice, a forum that canvasses the opinions of the student body
  • Students plan and run whole school assemblies
  • Students plan and run fundraisers, in support of charities, local needs and the school Students are given the opportunity to take part in forums and conventions outside of the school, including World Vision's Global Leadership Convention, Moreland Council Youth Services Forums, the ABCN (Australian Business and Community Network) GOALS Program and others as they arise.

Beyond these formal avenues, all students have the potential to lead others. The staff of Glenroy College seek to involve in all students in their own learning and development, individually and as a community.

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