In the Education State, we achieve excellence by consistently focusing on improving the achievements of learners across Victoria, whether it is through improving the quality of educational services or changing the way we teach.

The most important thing we can do to improve student outcomes is to develop and improve the skills of our teachers.

The Victorian Government will continue to provide opportunities to develop professional, passionate teachers and principals and equip them with the right knowledge and skills for a modern classroom.

To ensure we support the learning and development of not only our students, but our teachers too; we are committed to providing professional development opportunities for our teaching workforce.

WHAT are the professional practice days?

As part of the Victorian Government Schools Agreement 2017, teachers will receive one day per term when they are out of the classroom to focus on the improved delivery of high quality teaching and learning.


Your child’s teacher will spend four days per year further developing their skills in areas that are aligned to the school priorities. Your child will directly benefit from these improvements in their daily learning.

On these days, an alternate teacher will be provided with the learning plan for the day and be well equipped to assist your child with their learning needs.

We are scheduling the professional practice days ahead of time so there is minimal impact to students and, where possible, there is consistency in teaching.

If you would like more information on the professional practice days and when they are planned, please contact the College Principal, Anne-Maree Crivelli on 9304 0400