Year 9 is meaningful and challenging for students, both personally and academically. A major emphasis is on understanding the inter-relationships which exist between different areas of learning encouraging students to seek solutions by drawing on the full breadth of their studies. Core Subjects include English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Languages (Indoensian) & Health/PE.

Year 9

Subject Domain Full Year Semester
English English + -
Mathematics Mathematics + -
Personal Learning - Year 9 Project Personal Learning + -
Languages: Indonesian Languages + -
Health and Physical Education Health and Physical Education + -
Humanities - history, geography Humanities + -
Science Science + -
Art The Arts - +
Digital Technologies Technology - +
Drama The Arts - +
Foods Technology - +
Media The Arts - +
Music The Arts - +
Woodwork Technology - +

Find the booklist for year 9 subjects here.

Lessons Per Week

All periods are 75 minutes in length

Year 9

Whole year subjects:

English x4

Humanities x2

Health and PE x3

Languages x2

Maths x3

Projects x2

Science x2


Semester electives:

Art x2

Digital Technology x2

Drama x2

Foods x2

Media x2

Music x2

Woodwork x2

Personal Learning

Personal Learning in Year 9 has a particular focus for each term to support students to develop greater understanding of themselves and others.  The four different aspects of the program are

  1. Team building project – students work in a small group to develop team skills as they investigate a charity.

  2. Community Service and Awareness – A combination of theory work and community volunteering that supports students to understand the local community

  3. The Rite Journey – students explore the journey from childhood to adulthood to enable them to enter Year 10 with a more mature approach to their learning

  4. Activities program – students select a practical activity such as sewing, gardening, knitting, wood or craft and work in small groups to plan, design and produce an item for assessment. The program concludes with an exhibition of the completed works.